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I Love My Community!

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

I love the City I live in and I want to help it be a better City!

I've been living in Los Angeles since the '90s, I care for this City and its Community and I want it to Flourish and Prosper! How do you make a City Flourish and Prosper? The solution I found is in a little booklet called The Way To Happiness. It is a non-religious, common sense guide to better living and it contains 21 simple precepts which are basically common sense rules people naturally are born with and this booklet reminds you of these so anyone can use them again to improve their life and the life of others. Some of the precepts are: "Take Care Of Yourself", "Honor and Help Your Parents", "Be Competent" and there is even one on "Flourish And Prosper" and similar concepts that I was raised with by my parents.

The Author of the booklet The Way To Happiness is Humanitarian L. Ron. Hubbard.

Using The Way To Happiness booklet I want to get your help on community projects to beautify LA. For example planting new trees; cleaning up the streets, neighbors helping each other with minor repairs, household repairs, etc... I love this program. Very useful! I support it and recommend it to other Artists and everyone who cares for the Community! We have never had the need as high as now to unite the communities for a better World to live in!

To further help, I donate a percentage of my Fine Art and Art Projects Income to The Way To Happiness Foundation International.

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