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Something New In The Hollywood Hills!


Something New In The Hollywood Hills!

Do you remember when you were young, how life was fun, exciting with lots of freedom! 

    Well, that was the original idea of this Hollywood Hills home owner: They wanted a Handpainted Mural on the outside of their garage to bring this back, to help others, by lifting their spirits, making them happier and interested in Life again! 

     Art can lift people out of the gloom and doom; it lifts them up, back into being interested in Life and living again. If you look at some beautiful Art, you come up to interest! The home owner wanted to have a Mural, to liven up the area, inspiring passersbys, to lift them out of the despair of the existing Covid pandemic; something to brighten their worked, as seen by the smiling faces of the people driving and walking by, viewing the Mural, saying "That's sooooo beautiful". As an Artist, doing this Handpainted Mural, I wanted to capture that same scenario!


     Before & After Photos. (See the slideshow below.) These show the dramatic improvement of having an original Handapinted Mural done on the garage door, which also, besides creating a lot of public interest, most probably increases the equity of the home.

     Handpainted Murals are best painted onto a flat smooth surface.  Large garage doors rarely have a continuously flat smooth surface, because they vary in shape, size, materials and with relief design panels, etc. The older one's were usually made of wood, which can, over time, wear and warp, making it sometimes impractical to paint directly onto the surface. Handpainted Murals are best painted onto a flat smooth surface, so, to solve this, the Mural was Handpainted in the Studio, on four exterior signboard panels, and installed on location over the existing garage door.




     This Handpainted Mural is Painted in an Impressionistic Painting Technique*


     To capture the idea the home owner wanted: To help liven up the area and help people, by lifting their spirits, making them happier and interested in Life again, the Handpainted Mural is painted in a free, loose-brush technique; an Impressionistic style.


     This Impressionistic painting style, mirroring the freedom of the rural scene, with lots of space, sunshine and fresh clean air, where one can just be themselves and walk, run or just enjoy the fun of being alive, like when you were young, and being surrounded by millions of brightly colored orange Poppies in full bloom, and that idea emanates from my Mural, so other's can benefit from its beauty!


     Millions of brightly colored orange Poppy fields. This scene is of the spectacular millions of brightly colored orange Poppy fields, that stretch for miles, in the Antelope Valley, Lancaster, California. The Poppies bloom every spring, and the best blooms are a combination of many natural factors, namely; Sun, heat, clouds, rain and wind.


     If someone you know, would like a professional Handpainted Mural, to help beautify and enhance your home or office life, please contact the Artist below. We hope you've enjoyed to see and read the story about this Rustic Scenic Handpainted Mural.


     Regards, Paul Maxwell Godfrey



     *Impressionistic Painting Technique: Because the Impressionist painters (1867 - 1886, like Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Degas, Manet, Cezanne, Seurat, Pissarro, etc...) painted outside, their time was greatly limited by the ever-changing and reducing daylight, so they had to mix their colors fast and painted quickly; it was their "impression" of what they saw. They painted in a loose-brush technique, which resulted with their brush strokes looking incomplete and rather messy compared to the rather academic conservative fixed style of the time.


Thank you very much and we hope you enjoyed this article from Paul Maxwell Godfrey

Artist/Muralist with over 45 years of experience creating beautiful homes! 

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