Biography - Sir Paul Maxwell Godfrey Artist/Muralist

   I was born to be an Artist.  I just always loved to draw and paint, on various surfaces, with different materials, until I found the ones that worked best to create the right effect for that situation.


   I've had Art training from some of the best; including Graphic Arts, Faux, Murals and Signage, as all these various Art styles allow one to really produce what's needed; but having that extra unseen special touch.


   I work in the wavelength of BEAUTY, utilizing all surfaces, including: Walls, Floors, and Ceilings, as each is really a blank canvas, where I can create my Art...and from what I've observed, it inspires others to feel and do better and I hope that I can help you too.


   So please contact me about your next project.



Paul Maxwell Godfrey





Paul Maxwell Godfrey

Professional Experience & European Craftsmanship

with over 45 years and hundreds of Art Projects creating

Handpainted Murals, Faux Painted and Specialized Finishes.

Now delivering Handpainted Murals also Internationally to all of US, Australia, Europe, Canada, Africa too! Call to ask!

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