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Biography - Sir Paul Maxwell Godfrey Artist/Muralist

   I was born to be an Artist.  I just always loved to draw and paint, on various surfaces, with different materials, until I found the ones that worked best to create the right effect for that situation.


   I've had Art training from some of the best; including Graphic Arts, Faux, Murals and Signage, as all these various Art styles allow one to really produce what's needed; but having that extra unseen special touch.


   I work in the wavelength of BEAUTY, utilizing all surfaces, including: Walls, Floors, and Ceilings, as each is really a blank canvas, where I can create my Art...and from what I've observed, it inspires others to feel and do better and I hope that I can help you too.


   So please contact me about your next project.



Paul Maxwell Godfrey





Paul Maxwell Godfrey

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