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"All great Artist’s have the ability to create something out of nothing!” - Paul M. Godfrey

Now, most people, even some Artist’s

do not generally realize this statement above,

and the average person

usually doesn’t even consider this,

therefore overlooks this fact,

but if you think about it,

you’ll see it’s true!

At the very start, the Artist has a blank canvas

and then, at the end,

through the Artist’s ability, understanding, skill,

and their painstaking expertise

to imbue the canvas with their love,

there’s a masterpiece!

The “Art” produced,

is then admired and loved by others,

which improves and elevates their own lives

and helps bring about Life to millions!

Good Art continually does this!

An excellent example of this

would be Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, painted in 1503.

And which, still today, 517 years later,

is highly admired by all who see it,

and inspires their lives to be better.

It's remarkable, how one single painting

can do that for more than half a century

and affect billions of people around the world

since it was painted, and will still continue

to do that for all future time,

even if only in memory!

So, as an Artist/Muralist,

I work professionally at my craft,

and my whole intention is to create something

beautiful that my clients are very happy with

and will enhance their life and

the lives of others. - Paul Maxwell Godfrey, Artist/Muralist

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