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Here you HELP us with DONATIONS towards a Portrait, Art Project to shed even more beauty on your home and you can help support the Humanitarian cause,

The Earth Organisation, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, which is also Educational!

All your donations are 100 % tax deductible! 

"Through education and the implementation of effective solutions, The Earth Organisation works to bring about far healthier conditions for

all life and the environment.

Braided into all that we do, is the understanding that none of us survive alone – that all life does best when it works together with other life

towards the goal of mutually thriving. 

This better connects everyone with the natural world.

As industries, governments, scientists, communities and individuals adopt this way of thinking and working, it generates more constructive choices, and the world is better protected and restored."

For more information go to:


Paul Maxwell Godfrey LLC

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